The GAAP Logic app is a smart decision tool that navigates you through complex accounting guidance. We cover difficult areas like freestanding and embedded derivatives, equity-linked transactions, beneficial conversion features, debt and many more. Traditional accounting research tools provide plenty of information about a particular subject, but none offer the start-to-finish decision analysis built into our app. It’s free to try!

GAAP Logic is an open source accounting research site at the crossroads of technology and the ever-evolving world of accounting guidance. Much of today’s accounting guidance is very complex and sometimes incomprehensible. Applying accounting standards often requires a great deal of experience, judgment and, regrettably, the ability to understand the language used by the FASB.

Before Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), auditors had some discretion around helping their clients determine the correct accounting for transactions. SOX put an end to this and now companies are largely on their own to figure this out or hire subject matter experts.